Dr Shahid Bobat

My name is Shahid and I am an FY1 doctor based in the North West of England. I am joining the committee this year as Foundation Year Representative after having the pleasure of attending the SRT 2019 Conference. I developed a passion for radiology after carrying out a self arranged placement in the department in my final year of medical school. I plan to start my radiology training after completing the foundation programme.

I believe the SRT provides a wonderful platform for the discussion and education of all topics radiology related. As the Foundation Year Representative I hope to make this platform accessible for medical students and foundation year doctors. I am extremely proud to sit on the SRT commitee and will strive to help organise quality events that provide a great deal of value to both radiology trainees and non-trainees alike.

Please keep posted for further announcements of upcoming events and feel free to contact me at shahidbobat@doctors.org.uk if you have any queries.