Dr. Yousar Jafar

My name is Yousar Jafar and I am an ST5 Radiology Trainee in the South Wales Training Scheme with a subspecialty interest in Women’s Imaging (Breast Screening & Symptomatic and Gynaecological Imaging).

I am extremely passionate about the work trainee led societies do for their members and am delighted to have been elected as the President of The SRT for 2 years from 2017 to 2019 to continue the hard work in making The SRT a dynamic and innovative society.

The society’s ethos is to ‘Foster Excellence in Radiology’ and as President I am working towards making The SRT a society that leads the way in trainee led initiatives as well as to be an innovative forum for Radiology Trainees across the UK. We are also collaborating with colleagues from Radiology subspecialty societies/institutions to achieve our educational aims and maintaining existing links with our surgical and medical colleagues to ensure that Radiology remains at the forefront of patient care.

The SRT is committed to ensuring we provide a stimulating and exciting Annual Educational Conference but also to be the first port of call for answering any questions related to training and exams. This year we will be working in collaboration with the Junior Radiologists’ Forum (JRF) to reach out to as many radiology trainees as possible to engage with our educational events. We have the full support of the Royal College of Radiologists in meeting our objectives and as a committee we are working towards making The SRT an invaluable resource for all radiology trainees and junior doctors who wish to pursue a career in Clinical Radiology.

If you have any ideas for our website or what you would like to see the society do please contact me on president@thesrt.co.uk