Past Event - 05 | 11 | 18

1st Annual Paediatric Interventional Radiology UK Meeting

The first Paediatric Interventional Radiology Annual Meeting will be taking place in Manchester on 5th November 2018.

The world of paediatric interventional radiology is very small, as Dr Alex Barnacle (Consultant Paediatric Interventional Radiologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital) put it at our 25th SRT Annual Conference in May 2018, there are more people that have walked on the moon than there are Paediatric Interventional Radiologists in the UK!

Join the team in Manchester to learn about cutting edge techniques and current debates in Paediatric IR and much more!

Registration is FREE and lunch is included.

You can also submit an abstract for this meeting – deadline is 24th September 2018.

More details can be found on Twitter by following PaediatricIR.UK and Dr Alex Barnacle