Past Event - 09 | 05 | 22

JCA Seminars: FRCR Neuroradiology Course


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Join our FRCR Neuroradiology Course to be hosted virtually (with a possibility of face2face in Dublin also), for Radiologists, Neuroradiologists, Radiologists in Training (Registrars) and clinicians/researchers with an interest in this area of clinical practice.

This 2-day course, led by consultant neuroradiologists Stuart Currie and Ian Craven, provides an analytical approach to the differential diagnoses commonly encountered in adult & paediatric neuroradiological practice, including brain and spinal disease, covering:

  • Trauma
  • Space occupying lesions
  • Stroke & brain haemorrhage
  • White matter disease
  • Phakomatoses
  • Dysraphism

Index imaging studies will be linked with pertinent companion cases to provide a depth of diagnoses. The accompanying practical neuroradiological approach will help to narrow down the differentials and guide patient management.

This virtual, CPD event offers an opportunity to learn, discuss & understand some of the practical approaches, relating to neurological conditions. Ideal for those preparing to take their FRCR exams, this one-off event supports general radiologists to feel more confident in their approach and diagnosis.

Choose to join us for either the Brain or Spine Imaging Day or both days (with discounts available for group bookings).

Gain 12 CPD Points in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists and 12 CPD Points with the RCSI Faculty of Radiologists Dámh na Raideolaithe: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

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