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Dear Cardiology, Radiology, ITU, Anaesthetic, Cardiothoracic, General Practice, Infectious Diseases or Microbiology trainees

The British Heart Valve Society (BHVS), affiliated to the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS), seeks 5 applicants from a variety of disciplines involved in managing heart valve disease to join a new ‘BHVS Trainee Committee’. He/she will join the wider BHVS Council & be actively involved in the Society.

Principal Roles of the BHVS Trainee Committee:

1. To promote awareness of the Society and its meetings / educational activities across the wider medical network.


2. To help organise the annual meeting along with council – this includes organising the programme and arranging sponsors for the meeting.


3. To take ownership of the quarterly newsletter – formatting, inviting trainees and consultants to contribute.


4. To produce and format an ‘Atlas of Valve Disease’ for the website – this involves working directly with the website organisers to upload to the ‘Members’ section of the website.


5. To create a monthly webinar for members to receive regular teaching on all aspects of heart valve disease.


Eligibility Criteria:

The BHVS trainee committee representatives must hold a National Training Number (NTN) in Cardiology, Radiology, ITU, Anaesthetic, Cardiothoracic, Infectious Diseases or Microbiology.

The BHVS trainee committee representative must be a BHVS member. If not already a member, one can join via the website. Membership is £50 per annum and permits access to the “members only” areas of the BHVS website and discounted rates for the BHVS meetings and annual conference.

Please send expressions of interest and reasons for your application to by Friday March 312t 2023