Past Event - 07 | 02 | 20

BIR/BSHNI Head and Neck Imaging Refresher Course 2020

The SRT are pleased to advertise this fantastic one-day course hosted by the BIR and BSHNI. Returning for its third year, the course will be focusing on soft tissues and thyroid imaging. The course aims to refresh and update knowledge in the common areas of practice for all practitioners whether specialist or generalists.

Educational aims:

  • To illustrate the role of imaging in the investigation and management of ear, nose and throat pathology with particular focus on the investigation of neck lumps, thyroid lumps, hyperparathyroidism and neck sepsis
  • To understand the key anatomical landmarks and spaces in the supra- and infrahyoid neck with relevance to disease processes
  • To understand the common sites of neck sepsis and potential complications
  • To understand the sonographic classification and management of thyroid nodules
  • To understand the basic principles of thyroid cancer management and prognosis
  • To understand the investigation pathway for patients with hyperparathyroidism
  • To recognise common congenital neck lumps
  • To understand the different options and evidence for lymph node sampling
  • To recognise common neck lump mimic and be aware of more unusual neck lump presentations

Call for abstracts
We are looking for abstracts for ePoster presentations on any topics relating to head and neck imaging (max 250 words) including educational, case reports, audits and research.

All medical professionals including radiologists, non-radiologists, specialty trainees and consultants are welcome.

Prizes (1st prize x 2: £125 and 2nd prize x 2: £50) will be awarded for the highest quality poster in the following categories:

  • Scientific
  • Educational

If you are successful, you will be invited to present your work at the conference.

Submit your abstract by midnight Sunday 17th November 2019

For more information and to register for this event please click here.