Past Event - 24 | 06 | 19

British Society of Neuroradiologists Trainee Day

This mid-year course will provide two days of intensive Neuroradiology teaching as part of the 2-year rolling programme of the BSNR.

Topics: Neuro-oncology; Skull Base; and key areas of head and neck imaging.

The course will focus on the use (and pitfalls) of advanced imaging techniques which are increasingly relevant and requested in routine “neuroradiology” practice. The importance of their application in diagnosis, treatment decisions, and follow up of the relevant pathology will be reinforced through clinical input. The second day will focus on anatomy, pathology and clinical interaction in skull base and relevant head and neck neuroradiology. This is an advanced course aimed at neuroradiology trainees but will be educational for senior radiology trainees. There will be a combination of lectures and workshops.


DAY 1: Neuro-oncology

DAY 2: Skull base; Head and Neck imaging for neuroradiologist


The programme is being finalised and will be available shortly. There will be an excellent faculty of local and external lecturers. (provisional programme will shortly be available on BSNR website)

The workshops will be limited to 6 delegates and an attempt will be made to organise groups according to similar levels of training, with appropriate adaptation of the workshops.


  • Understand the basic principles and recent advances in Neuro-radiological imaging of brain tumours
  • Recognise a standardised approach to the diagnosis and classification of brain and spinal tumours using modern imaging, histopathology and molecular genetic techniques.
  • Understand the clinical and oncological implications
  • Pre-surgical and intra-operative review
  • Challenges and clinical role of ‘advanced’ MRI (also PET) in brain tumour imaging
  • Review typical and atypical imaging appearances of brain tumours
  • Focus will be on the relevant anatomy, appropriate imaging protocols, and differentiating imaging findings of the more common diseases.
  • Know the current best imaging practice in skull base and temporal bone imaging
  • Know and understand the radiological anatomy and the imaging of various pathologies at and around the skull base.
  • Recognise that pathologies extend from the extracranial to the intracranial compartment, (and vice versa) and knowledge of the imaging appearances is critical to neuroradiologists



VENUE                                     REGISTRATION

St Anne’s College                                  £100.00 for both days

Woodstock Road                                   Includes course dinner on Mon 24th

Oxford OX2 6HS                                    Early registration is advised as numbers                          are limited to 36 to allow small group tutorials


To register online please click here.