Past Event - 20 | 09 | 19

Dementia Imaging (BIR)

CPD: 6 credits

In this one day event, we aim to highlight the importance of imaging in the diagnosis of dementia including CT, MRI and functional imaging. We will discuss the importance of collaboration with clinicians in the selection of appropriate imaging modalities and the complementary roles of cross sectional and functional imaging and will review the impact on social care and all workers in dementia services.

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Educational aims:

• To learn the importance of selecting the right imaging modality

• To understand the importance of combined clinical and imaging data

• To gain knowledge about the impact on overall patient care


Who should attend: Radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, psychiatrists, radiographers, health care of the elderly physicians, social care workers in dementia, nuclear medicine technologists and nurses, PET CT providers as well as industry and researchers in dementia.


Registration Fees

BIR Member Plan 1 £185

BIR Member Plan 2 £125

BIR Trainee member £125

BIR Retired/Student member £65

Non member £295

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