Past Event - 15 | 09 | 21

Radiology Applications (ACF) Webinar for Foundation/Junior Doctors

Applying for Radiology Specialty training this year? Interested in the
academic clinical fellowship programme?

IR Juniors are proud to announce a brand new talk for our Radiology
Applications Series – the Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF)
applications! In this session, we will be going through the highly
competitive ACF applications and providing you with key information and
top tips for the application. The event will be held on Wednesday 15th
September at 7pm.

We are excited to have two fantastic speakers for this event. Dr Jim
Zhong is an interventional radiology registrar in Leeds and is currently
undertaking his PhD. Dr Madhu Chetan is an interventional radiology
registrar in Oxford and has just completed her ACF.

Register for the event on this link:
[1]. Please note that you will need to sign up for a Medall account and
then register for the event separately. We look forward to welcoming you
to this new event!