Dr Nigel Grunshaw

Dr Nigel Grunshaw is a Consultant GI Radiologist at University Hospitals Morecambe Bay. He is the joint RCR/BSGAR Travelling Professor in GI Ultrasound with Dr Tony Higginson. They are renowned international speakers with 20+ years’ experience in GI Ultrasound scanning, and are regularly invited to lecture for the British Medical Ultrasound Society, ESGAR, British Society of Gastroenterology and many other groups.
Dr Grunshaw has a major interest in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and ultrasound of the acute abdomen and runs an acute IBD Ultrasound Imaging Clinic. He qualified from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and trained in Medicine, Gastroenterology and Radiology in Leeds. 

Dr Grunshaw will deliver a talk on rapid access clinics for Crohn’s disease using ultrasound.