We have compiled a list of essential books that radiology trainees should have on their shelf. Covering the basics and helping you to pass exams, these books are a must-have and come recommended by trainees and consultants.


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Books for new trainees and FRCR Part A

Weir & Abrahams’ Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy

Jonathan D. Spratt MA (Cantab) FRCS (Eng) FRCR (Author), Lonie R Salkowski MD (Author), Marios Loukas MD PhD (Author), Tom Turmezei BMBCh MA MPhil FRCR (Author), Jamie Weir MB BS FRCP(Ed) FRCR (Author), Peter H. Abrahams MBBS FRCS(ED) FRCR DO(Hon) FHEA (Author)

must have for those starting ST1, this is a highly recommended guide to imaging anatomy. The upcoming edition comes with bonus electronic content, including clinical photos and cases, ultrasound videos, labelled radiograph ‘slidelines’, cross-sectional imaging stacks and test-yourself materials.


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First FRCR Anatomy: Practice Cases

Constantinos Tingerides, Ashley Uttley, David Minks, Claire Exley Gravino

A great book for ST1s looking to prepare for the Part A exams with practical advice on how to approach exam questions.

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First FRCR Anatomy: Mock Papers

Matthew Budak, Magdalena Szewczyk-Bieda, Richard White, Jamie Weir

The chapters in this book are presented as 15 complete mock papers, covering the full range of imaging modalities, to help trainees practise and improve exam technique. 300 highly illustrated images reflect the breadth of topics encountered in the actual exam and help simplify complex anatomy and improve understanding. Edited by the highly experienced radiological anatomist Jamie Weir, this book complements First FRCR Anatomy: Practice Cases and provides the essential revision tool to maximise chances of exam success.

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A systematic approach to review computed tomography imaging: for novice radiologists in training

Gilbert Gravino

Up until the release of this book there was no go-to guide on how to approach CT reporting. Now, this book offers ELEVEN concise guides to reporting different CT scans, from the head to the peripheries. An ideal book for those starting in radiology, or those wishing to audit their current practice.

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The Unofficial Guide to Radiology: 100 Practice Abdominal X Rays with Full Colour Annotations and Full X Ray Reports (Unofficial Guides to Medicine

Daniel Weinberg MBCHB (Hons) MPHIL, Rebecca Best BSc (Hons) MBBCh, Lydia Shackshaft, & 2 more

This is the sequel to The Unofficial Guide to Radiology has been recommended by the RCR, and won awards from the BIR and BMA. This book teaches systematic analysis of Abdominal X Rays presented in the context of a real life scenario.

You are asked to interpret the X-ray before turning over the page to reveal a model report accompanied by a fully colour annotated version of the X-ray.

All images, are annotated in full colour, and are fully reported, following international radiology reporting guidelines.

A must have for trainees and co-authored by our very own SRT president!

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FRCR Physics Notes: Revision notes for the First FRCR Physics exam

Sarah Abdulla, Christopher Clarke

Our friends at Radiology Cafe have prepared some excellent physics notes, which condense a lot of the R-ITI material into conveniently sized sections!

This book summarises and pulls together content from the FRCR Physics Notes at Radiology Cafe and delivers it in a single eBook for you to download and read anytime.

There are 7 main chapters, which are further subdivided into 56 sub-chapters so topics are easy to find. There is also a comprehensive appendix at the back of the book.

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Farr’s Physics for Medical Imaging

Penelope J. Allisy-Roberts, Jerry Williams

This text is essential for the physics component of the examination and will be commonplace in registrar rooms across the country. The book details the basics of medical imaging physics and covers most of the material necessary for the exam. In conjunction with the R-ITI online modules, Farr’s is a book that should be picked up early and studied well. Some sections, particularly ultrasound and MRI are less well covered in our opinion and therefore it would be wise to supplement your knowledge with other sources.

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MCQs for the First FRCR (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts)

Varut Vardhanabhuti

Led by specialist trainees with recent exam experience and contributions from experienced senior consultants and examiners, this book offers not only relevant content and valuable insights, but also visually enhanced answer sections (including diagrams and tables) that aim to improve and enhance understanding of key concepts in medical physics and radiation protection. Each chapter includes up to forty multiple choice questions covering each area of the exam.

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Succeeding in the FRCR Part 1 Exam: Essential Revision Notes and over 1000 MCQs (Succeeding in Your Membership Exams)

Pervinder Bhogal, Thomas Conner, Gaurrang Bhatnagar, Harbir Sidhu, Anmol Malhotra

This book contains 1000 MCQs, more than any other book available. There’s detailed advice on how best to approach each section of the exam and maximise your score  and covers all possible question types that will be encountered, including questions and revision notes on MRI and Ultrasound topics. This engaging all-in-one guide will provide you with everything you need to know to prepare fully for all aspects of the FRCR Part 1, and is an essential revision book for anyone serious about excelling in this exam.

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Books for 2A exam preparation

Final FRCR Part A Modules 1-3 Single Best Answer MCQS: The SRT Collection of 600 Questions with Explanatory Answers (Masterpass)

Robin Proctor

These books are the best question books for the Final FRCR 2a exams and contain questions that have the closest resemblance to the FRCR 2a questions. Dr Robin Proctor, SRT President from 2007-2009, edited this book.

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Grainger & Allison’s Diagnostic Radiology 5th Edition Single Best Answer MCQs.

Dr. Andrew S Mcqueen et al.

This G&A question book is a decent aid to revision however lacks detailed explanations of the answers and references to the 5th edition Grainger and Allison textbook only.

There is now a sixth edition of the Grainger and Allison textbook, which is most certainly worth owning – published by Elsevier. Members of The SRT can get 30% off Elsevier e-books and we definitely recommend this textbook for reference.

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Get Through Final FRCR Part A: SBAs for the Modular Examination (Get Through Series)

Megan Bydder, Alexander Clark , Nicholas Coupe , John Pattison

The ‘Get Through’ book contains 100 questions per module and is a good revision tool. The more questions you can practice the better!

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Revision Notes for the Final FRCR Part A, Second Edition (Postgrad Exams)

Kshitij Mankad, Edward T D Hoey, Sahil Chhabda

This is a succinct set of revision notes covering all 6 modules. It is a great read a few days before the exam to consolidate your knowledge with a 2nd edition now available. Previous SRT committee members have written the chapters in this book!

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SBAs for the Final FRCR 2A (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts)

Richard Lindsay et al.

This book is excellent and comes with thorough explanations and good references. It is divided into 6 chapters and contains 75 questions per module.

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SBA’s for the FRCR 2A – The ‘Cambridge’ book.

Stuart Currie (Author), Emma Rowbotham (Author), Shishir Karthik (Author), Christopher Wilkinson (Author).

This is a useful book particularly for the Neuroradiology and MSK modules. It contains 60 questions per module which is less than other question books however there is a good mix of questions covering the breadth of the exam topics with detailed explanations.

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Single Best Answer – Questions and answers for the Final FRCR Part A modules 1 -6.

Rajat Chowdhary, Simon Ostlere.

This is a British Institute of Radiology (BIR) publication. It is currently the newest question book on the market, published in 2014, and contains 75 questions and detailed explanations for each of the modules.

BIR members can purchase this book for only £18.75. As a member of The SRT you can get 20% off the BIR membership fee!

There is a mobile app version of this book, which is very convenient for revising on the go. The app is available in iOS from iTunes and in android from the Google Play store.

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Books for 2B exam preparation

Aunt Minnie’s Atlas and Imaging-Specific Diagnosis.

Thomas L. Pope Jr.

This is a great viva book. Classic 2B cases are presented with key radiological findings, a diagnosis and a short succinct discussion. The pictures are good quality and the discussions provide key background information which examiners may ask you about during your viva.

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Chapman & Nakielny’s Aids to Radiological Differential Diagnosis.

Hameed Rafiee.

This is the 2B bible and is by the side of every 2B candidate. It provides the most comprehensive lists of differential diagnosis and can be slightly overwhelming. It lists every possible differential diagnosis – for 2B it is the top 3 differential diagnoses the examiners want to hear! However, this is a great book to use as a reference during viva teaching with consultants.

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Final FRCR 2B Viva: A Survival Guide (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback).

Jessie Aw. Edited by Kiat Tsong Tan , John Curtis.

This is a great book full of high quality images accompanied with clear and concise explanations of the cases. It covers the full range of imaging modalities and organ systems. The exam technique tips are also very useful. It has also been edited by a popular speaker at our conferences, Dr John Curtis.

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Final FRCR 2B Long Cases: A Survival Guide (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback)).

Jessie Aw, John Curtis.

This is a good book to give you an idea of the breadth of topics that can be tested in the Long Cases. It also has useful tips however as the exam has moved to a digital platform some of the advice is dated.

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[(Final FRCR Part B Viva: 100 Cases and Revision Notes)]

Richard White, Robin Proctor, Ian Zealley.

This book is a little gem. It focusses on providing the knowledge necessary to pass one of the toughest components of the exam – the Viva. 100 common viva topics are presented, each one accompanied by model answers and tips on how to discuss the case in question.

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Long Cases for the Final FRCR 2B (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts)

Rebecca Hanlon et al.

This book contains 42 practice long cases and each case is presented as it would appear in the exam. The cases are then followed by a model answer and also come with a further reading list. This book is written by a highly qualified team of authors with a wealth of exam experience and is definitely worth reading!

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Mnemonics for Radiologists and FRCR 2B Viva Preparation: A Systematic Approach (Master Pass)

Phillip Yoong, William Bugg, Catherine A. Johnson.

This is a really great book to kick-start your 2B preparation. It is an easy read and you do not have to be a fan of mnemonics to like it! The lists of differentials they give are much shorter and are the ‘must say’ differentials which examiners will be waiting to hear. This book should be supplemented with Chapman & Nikielny.

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Paediatric Radiology Rapid Reporting for FRCR Part 2B

Michael Paddock (Author), Amaka C. Offiah.

This is a new book (published in Feb 2019) which is designed to address an important deficiency identified in the FRCR Part 2B Examiners’ Report, in that “many candidates struggle with interpretation of paediatric imaging – even for common paediatric pathologies”. The ten practice tests presented, each with 30 images, will assist readers not only in passing the examination but also in the real world when they have to report paediatric radiographs independently. The range of cases covered, from neonate to adolescent, delivers a sound knowledge of both common paediatric fracture patterns and patterns which are subtler but require a definitive answer as to whether they are normal or abnormal. Guidance is also provided on how to describe each abnormality.

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Rapid Review of Radiology (Medical Rapid Review Series)

Shahid Hussain (Author), Sherif A. A. Latif (Author), Adrian D. Hall

A great introduction to classic 2B cases with differential diagnosis and case discussions. Considered by many to be a 2B essential textbook.

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Top 3 Differentials in Radiology: A Case Review

William T. O’Brien

This is a very big book and should be used for reference. Classic 2B cases are presented with the top 3 differential diagnoses and then 2-3 relevant differential diagnoses. Short paragraphs discuss the key features, which differentiate between the differentials and key ‘pearls’ are provided at the end.

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