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Welcome to SRT ‘s Radiology Rewind, bringing you exclusive virtual talks and lectures from past conferences.

SRT 2A Pearls of Wisdom Webinar: Neuroradiology

SRT 2A Pearls of Wisdom Webinar: Head & Neck Radiology

SRT 2A Pearls of Wisdom Webinar: Tips and Tricks for the Exam

The SRT 2A Pearls of Wisdom Webinars

SRT 2A Pearls of Wisdom Webinar: Breast & Gynae Radiology

The SRT 26th Annual Conference 2019, Cardiff

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Talks from the conference which are available to watch include:

‘The Art of X-ray Interpretation’ by Dr Miranda Harvie

‘Discrepancies in Radiology’ by Dr James Stephenson

‘Pearls and Pitfalls in Head and Neck Imaging’ by Dr Steve Connor

‘Errors in Neuroradiology’ by Prof. Frank Gaillard (full video available at radiopaedia.org)

‘Artificial Intelligence in Cardiac Imaging’ by Dr Declan O’Regan

‘Forensic Imaging – King Richard III to the present day’ by Prof. Bruno Morgan

‘Bowel Ischaemia’ by Dr Vikas Shah (Keynote Speaker)

‘Skeletal Imaging in Trauma’ by Dr Peter Mullaney

‘Abdominal Emergencies’ by Dr John Curtis

‘Interventional Radiology’ by Dr Raman Uberoi

‘Paediatric Interventional Radiology’ by Dr Samantha Chippington

‘MRI in Acute Knee Injuries’ by Dr Eugene McNally

‘Sports Imaging: The London 2012 Olympic Games’ by Dr Steven James

‘Cardiac Imaging’ by Dr Stephen Harden

‘Paediatric Imaging’ by Prof. Subhasis Chakraborty

‘Breast Imaging’ by Prof. Kate Gower-Thomas

‘Imaging of the Post-Operative Abdomen’ by Dr Vikas Shah (Keynote Speaker)

‘How to get involved in Radiology Research’ by Dr Andrew Plumb