Why Radiology?

As a FY2 applying to radiology this year, here are my reasons for doing so that I have learned from my experience in different hospital radiology departments and talking to radiology trainees.

  • Variety in the day to day work – from reporting, to MDTs to procedures
  • Ranked as one of the best specialty training schemes for overall satisfaction and most manageable workload (GMC National Training Survey 2016)
  • All specialties use radiology – great if you are interested in lots of different specialties!
  • But you can subspecialise in the specialty(/ies) you love the most
  • Necessary to medicine – nearly all diagnoses require imaging nowadays meaning that there is an increasing demand for radiologists
  • Great work-life balance
  • Teamwork and communication skills are essential when working in radiology – it’s not an unsociable specialty!
  • Multidisciplinary – from working with radiographers to participating in weekly MDT meetings
  • Always learning – including anatomy, pathology and (a little bit of) physics
  • Work those diagnostic skills – be a Dr House of imaging
  • But you can also be involved in treatment too!
  • Many practical skills to learn, e.g. CT guided biopsies, arthrograms, drainages, ultrasounds, interventional radiology
  • No patient contact is a myth – interact with patients during ultrasounds, practical procedures and IR clinics
  • See all the weird and wonderful cases and pathologies
  • There is no typical patient in radiology – see all ages and all types of people
  • Opportunities for teaching
  • Lots of teaching from fantastic consultants, with 1-to- 1 teaching

Sound interesting? Get involved with your local radiology department by doing a taster week, an elective or having a chat with some trainees!