Anatomy 4FRCR

We are delighted to be collaborating with Anatomy4FRCR to bring you regular anatomy cases in preparation for the FRCR Part 1 Exam!

Anatomy 4FRCR started as a concept in 2014 and were early adapters of webinar technology to deliver quality Radiology education. The revision course was aimed at Radiology trainees preparing for the First FRCR Anatomy exams.

Learning anatomy should be fun not exhausting! We want to build on the success of our webinars to harness the power of social media and share our passion for Radiological Anatomy.

Starting September 2021, we have been posting one Anatomy question every day of the week via Twitter and Instagram. The answers, including graphics, will be shared the same weekend. Each module will run for 10 weeks starting with Neuro / Head & Neck followed by MSK, Cardio Vascular / Thoracic & GI/GU.

Come join the fun on Twitter or Instagram!

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