Dr Ram Vaidhyanath

Dr Ram Vaidhyanath is a Consultant Radiologist in Head & Neck Imaging at the University Hospitals of Leicester.

Dr Vaidhyanath was awarded the Dr PK Ganguli Visiting Professor 20-22 by The RCR. He was also awarded the first Special Contribution award by the British Society of Head & Neck Imaging in 2021. He is a Member of the International Relations Committee for the American Society of Head & Neck Radiology.

Dr Ram Vaidhyanath is passionate about education and co-founded Anatomy4FRCR, initially hosting online webinars for trainees as early as 2014. He now collaborates with the SRT and shares his valuable resources with our followers, creating daily anatomy cases with the Anatomy4FRCR team.

He will deliver a lecture covering infection and inflammation in the head and neck.