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SRT Representatives

We are looking for local SRT Representatives for each training programme. This opportunity is only available to radiology trainees.

If you are interested, please submit your application here.

The role

As SRT Representative, you would be the point of contact for the SRT Committee in your deanery. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership and management skills which will be useful when applying for Consultant jobs.

Role details

The SRT representative role includes:

  • Promoting SRT events and educational opportunities to trainees, including the SRT Annual Conference

  • Provide the SRT Committee with any significant news/achievements from the training scheme and trainees to include in the SRT Newsletter

  • Provide the SRT Committee with feedback from your deanery

How to apply?

If you are interested in becoming the SRT Representative for your training scheme please email with your name, training grade and a 100 word statement on what you will bring to this role and any previous experience you have.

Current SRT Representatives

East of England - Dr Abhishekh Ashok (ST5)

East Midlands - Dr Tom Poundall (ST2)

Leicester - Dr Saraswati Samyukta Aryasomayajula (ST5)

Hull & East Yorkshire - Dr Sandra Ngu (ST4)

Leeds - Dr Ruth Whitehead (ST4)

London North West - Dr Keegan Curlewis (ST1)

London Central & East - Dr Yakup Kilic (ST3)

Northern Ireland - Dr Rebecca Jordan (ST2)

North West - Dr Miraen Kiandee (ST3)

Oxford - Dr Nattakarn Limphaibool (ST1)

Portsmouth - Dr Jake Cowen (ST1)

Scotland (East) - Dr Hwee Fang Lim (ST5)

Scotland (West) - Dr Adriel Kwek Ju Wen (ST1)

Severn - Dr Ji Hye Moon (ST1)

Southampton - Dr Cameron Spence (ST4)

Surrey - Dr Jordan Colman (ST3)

Sussex - Dr Emma Watura (ST2)

Wales (South) - Dr Brenna McInerney (ST2), Dr Prateek Hongal (ST2)

West Midlands (North) - Dr Tara Alrubyee

West Yorkshire - Dr Jake McCormick (ST1)

East Yorkshire - Dr Tim Edwards (ST2)

Want to Become an
SRT Representative?

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Thanks for your application!

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