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FREE MEETING: The Wizardry of AI and Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging (ICIS)

FREE MEETING: The Wizardry of AI and Machine Learning in Cancer Imaging

Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon. 18th to 20th June 2020

This is a follow-up meeting after our highly successful event in 2019 attended by 400 delegates from 30 countries. The aim of this meeting is to promote better understanding and application of AI and machine learning in cancer imaging; and provide a multidisciplinary forum for radiologists, technicians/ radiographers, scientists and industrial partners to discuss and interact. The meeting is organised jointly by the Champalimaud Foundation and the International Cancer Imaging Society.

This meeting highlights real-world translation in the development of infrastructure/ ecosystem/ data pipeline; as well as illustrative use-cases emerging from clinical needs. Controversies and advances in AI and machine learning approaches? will be presented and discussed. A industrial forum provides the opportunity to hear from scan manufacturer, data science companies, health organisations to understand the development and obtaining regulatory approval of tools for clinical benefit. The content will be a delivered by a panel of invited international expert faculty.

For the 2020 meeting, we will be soliciting scientific abstracts for a scientific session. In addition, we will also invite the submission of fresh ideas for an incubator session, for which the experts will be able to provide feedback and mentoring. The dateline for abstract submission is 3rd April 2020.

There will be two hands-on workshops targeted towards radiologists, who will be able to learn first-hand the concepts and application of AI and machine learning; as well as understand how to establish and use a radiomics pipeline.

This is a commercial-free meeting that is free to attend, in line with the educational mission of the International Cancer Imaging Society and the Champalimaud Foundation.


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