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The SRT 2022 Annual Online Conference – #SRT2022

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The SRT 2022 conference is staying virtual!

The SRT Annual Educational Conference 2022 is organised by the SRT Committee and is supported by the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).  The programme is designed with radiology trainees in mind and speakers are invited based on their experience and ability to provide an engaging and educational teaching environment for our delegates.

The event also enables radiology trainees to showcase their work and present at a national level conference. We are also supported by numerous British Subspecialty Radiology Societies who judge the abstract competition as well as sponsor prizes for the best poster.

Day 1 Speakers

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Day 2 Speakers

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All lectures will be available to watch on demand for 3 months after the conference!

How to Get Into Radiology Workshops

We are hosting our ever-popular HTGIR workshop which is designed to guide and help prospective applicants on the latest tips and tricks for perfecting your portfolio in time for the Radiology Interviews!


ePoster Abstract Submission


**2022 Poster Prize Winners**

Many thanks to all our poster presenters at the 2022 conference. A big congratulations to all our  2022 Poster category prize winners!! Please see all of the winners’ posters for everyone to read below. Poster winners for the BSBR , BSPR and BNMS categories are still pending.

BSSR winner – Emergency Spinal MRI services RWT by Dr Khaled Abou Hader

BSUR Best Scientific Poster – Collecting the Low Hanging Fruit of CT Urography – Can we Safely Restrict the Indications by Dr Carina Brolund-Napier

BSUR Best Education Poster – Important extra-prostatic review areas when reporting an MRI of the prostate by Dr William Coomer

BSER 1st prize – An Eye for Orbital Trauma by Dr Emma Sanders

BSER 2nd prize – Thromboembolic disease in patients with COVID-19 infection or recent vaccination presenting acutely to a tertiary UK Hospital – a pictorial review by Dr Chukwuemeka Igwe
BSER 3rd prize – On-Call CT abdomen – The Basics by Dr Wee Ping Ngu

BSIR winner – Illuminating the shadows of Interventional Radiology – a quality improvement project on IR education of foundation doctors at Oxford University Hospitals by Dr Tymoteusz Turlejski

BMUS winner – A novel method for ultrasound measurement of foetal pelvis that helps with accurate gestational age estimation by Dr Ahmadreza Zarifian

BSGAR winner – Pearls & Pitfalls of Gallbladder Ultrasound by Dr Mark Woodward

Other SRT 1st prize – Metastases of Unknown Origin – Review areas in the search for a primary – Cancer of Unknown Primary MDT Experience at Basildon Hospital UK by Dr Sidharth Ranjit

Other SRT 2nd prize – Come to the Dark Side – Benefits of Interactive Radiology Teaching Sessions for Medical Students by Dr Jordan Colman and Dr Ayodele Oluboyede

BSHNI winner – Goodbye OPG. Hello CBCT by Dr Hamed Kamali

BSTI 1st prize – TB or Not TB – That is the Question by Dr Israah Amin

BSTI Joint 2nd prize – Complications in the Diagnosis and Treatments of Lung Cancer – A Pictorial Review by Emma Kennedy

BSTI Joint 2nd prize – Malignant pleural mesothelioma – WATCH OUT FOR THE WHITE LINE by Dr Sidharth Ranjit

BSNR 1st prize – Fibre specific white matter imaging in traumatic brain injury by Dr Tom Jia

BSNR 2nd prize – Myelin Oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease (MOGAD) – The classical imaging findings & atypical mimics by Dr Brenna McInerney



Poster submission and Guidance

*** The abstract submission deadline has now passed***


Please submit your abstract as a word document to by June 6th 2022 23:59. If your abstract is selected, you will be asked to submit and present a poster at our 2022 virtual conference.

Abstract Guidelines:

  • Please submit your abstract in a docx format . The name of the document must be the Title of your abstract.
  • If submitting more than one abstract, please submit these as separate word document files.
  • Word count must not exceed 250 words (not including section titles and authors)
  • The title of the abstract for the ePoster should be the same as the title on the submitted abstract.
  • Submission of material which has previously been submitted and or presented elsewhere is welcomed providing there is no copyright infringement.
  • You must include the following in your abstract document:
    • First author Title and Name
    • E-mail address of First Author
    • Co-author/s Title and Name
    • Authors(s) attending conference should be underlined
    • E-mail address of co-author/s
    • Affiliation (e.g. hospital/university/institution)
    • Abstract Title
    • Category for submission (note: pick only one category per abstract)

The following categories are available for submitting your abstract.

  • Paediatric Radiology
  • Emergency Radiology
  • Neuroradiology
  • Head & Neck Radiology
  • MSK Radiology
  • Cardiothoracic Radiology
  • Abdominal and GI Radiology
  • Uroradiology
  • Gynaeradiology
  • Breast Radiology
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Ultrasound
  • Other

For scientific abstracts, you should include the following titles:

  • Title
  • Background
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion


For educational/pictorial abstracts, you should include the following titles:

  • Title
  • Background
  • Purpose
  • Summary of poster content


  • Please ensure the all information is correct and all authors are listed when submitting.
  • By submitting an abstract, the authors confirm that the abstract is their own original work, is not defamatory or unlawful and does not infringe on anyone else’s rights.
  • Please note that all submissions are subject to proof reading and editing, and we may ask for rectifications before accepting an abstract or poster.
  • By submitting, you are confirming on behalf of the co-authors that this is your own original work and that you have the approval from the co-authors. Should your abstract be accepted, you agree to publication of your poster on our conference platform and then onto the members only section of the SRT website. You also agree to your poster and abstract being shared with the British Subspecialty Society of your category for use on their platforms.
  • By submitting, your poster will be sent for judgement by the British Subspecialty Society for consideration of a prize.
  •  If your abstract is accepted for poster presentation, the submitter or a co-author must register and attend the event.
  • Required sections:

For scientific abstracts:

        • Title
        • Author(s)
        • Category you wish to submit under
        • Person(s) attending conference should be underlined
        • Affiliation (e.g. hospital/university/institution)
        • Background
        • Methods
        • Results
        • Conclusion

For educational/pictorial abstracts:

        • Title
        • Author(s)
        • Category you wish to submitunder
        • Person(s) attending conference should be underlined
        • Affiliation (e.g. hospital/university/institution)
        • Background
        • Purpose
        • Summary of poster content

For ePosters:

      • The first or second named author of an abstract/ePoster must attend the SRT conference.
      • Please design your poster using an A0 sized document, this can be portfolio or landscape.
      • You must submit your poster in pdf format.
      • The title of the pdf must include the first authors name, and title of the poster.
      • Please include references and relevant affiliations in your poster.
      • When sending the poster, please include the following in your email: name, title, grade and email of the submitting/first author. Please also confirm which author will be in attendance at the conference.
      • Posters can be submitted up until 12pm on the 17th June, however they will not be considered for a poster prize unless they are submitted to by 4pm, 10th June 2022. This is to allow time for the judges to select the winner for each category.
      • We reserve the right to reject your poster should it not meet the standards suitable for presentation – this includes posters that display confidential information, contain erroneous or fabricated text/images, or do not adhere to the guidelines.


Registration **Now Closed**

Non-Member & Consultant – Conference Registration

SRT Member – Conference Registration
We endeavour to avoid major changes to the conference program, however we reserve the right to change the scheduled program, or the running length for any individual lecture, at any time. Refunds are not permitted up to 10 days before the conference. If you are unable to attend the conference then please contact us to let us know in advance of the session. Refunds will be accepted at our discretion. Certificates of attendance will be given to those who attend the conference live and who watch the sessions on demand after the conference.