Educational Resource Competition 2020

Following from the success of our previous competitions, we are delighted to announce  a brand new competition this year in 2020!

With the move to more online teaching in recent times, we are looking to showcase the creativity of Radiology Trainees across the UK by promoting trainee-made resources on our website.

For this competition we are looking for registrars to create educational e-resources (video presentation, animation, mini-webinar etc.) based on a specific topic of their choice.

Examples topics include but are not limited to: “How to review an image of….”, “How to structure a report of…”, “Overview of the anatomy of…” etc.

Your resource should be designed to educate fellow trainees but can be aimed at junior/senior registrars specifically.


The categories for submission are:

    1. Thoracic Radiology
    2. Urogenital Radiology
    3. GI and Abdominal Radiology
    4. Interventional Radiology
    5. Ultrasound
    6. MSK Radiology
    7. Breast Radiology
    8. Head and Neck Radiology
    9. Nuclear Medicine Radiology
    10. Emergency Radiology
    11. Other

We are also delighted to be able to offer some prizes sponsored by official British Radiology Subspecialty Societies!

All prize winners will receive a certificate and publication of their resource on our website.

For more details please see Application details below.

Subspecialty Society Sponsored Prizes

Urogential Radiology: Sponsored by BSUR

Prize £100



Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology: Sponsored by BSGAR

Prize: £75


Thoracic Radiology: Sponsored by BSTI

Prize: Free attendance to the virtual 2020 BSTI meeting and publication of resource on the BSTI website


MSK Radiology: Sponsored by BSSR

Prize: £100


Head & Neck Radiology: Sponsored by BSHNI

Prize: £50


BSIR prize

Interventional Radiology: Sponsored by BSIR

Prize: £100



Breast Radiology: Sponsored by BSBR

Prize: £100



Ultrasound: Sponsored by BMUS

Prize: Complimentary day’s registration at the BMUS conference



  1. UK Radiology trainees of any grade.


  • Opens in August 2020.
  • You must be a member of the SRT.
  • Submissions must be less than 8GB and less than 10 minutes long.
  • The SRT Committee and Subspecialty societies will judge the essays and the decision of the committee is final and binding.
  • The winners (one from each category) will be presented with a certificate and publication of the resource on Some categories also include Subspecialty-society-sponsored prizes.
  • Applications should be submitted via the Google Form below.
  • Images and information used in resources should be referenced.
  • No images with identifiable data should be used.
  • Your resource and name will be published on the SRT website and social media platforms. Your resource may also be published on the website of other subspecialty society platforms.
  • You must confirm that this work is your own, and that images and other information have been referenced correctly and appropriately.
  • The SRT will not take responsibility for the content you produce – you must ensure it is accurate and appropriate and accept responsibility for any errors in your resource.
  • In order to ensure the quality of the content being presented, please nominate a Consultant Radiologist who would be happy to support your work.


  • 5pm September 30th 2020.

Click here to submit your entry