Educational Resource Competition 2020

This competition is now closed – please see the names of the winners listed below:

For this competition we are looking for registrars to create educational e-resources (video presentation, animation, mini-webinar etc.) based on a specific topic of their choice.

Examples topics include but are not limited to: “How to review an image of….”, “How to structure a report of…”, “Overview of the anatomy of…” etc.

Your resource should be designed to educate fellow trainees but can be aimed at junior/senior registrars specifically.

We are also delighted to be able to offer some prizes sponsored by official British Radiology Subspecialty Societies!

All prize winners will receive a certificate and publication of their resource on our website.

For more details please see Application details below.

Subspecialty Society Sponsored Prizes



Urogential Radiology: Sponsored by BSUR

Prize £100



Winner: Dr Andrew Nanapragasam, Dr Peter Hewitt – King’s College Hospital, London School of Radiology

Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology: Sponsored by BSGAR

Prize: £75



Winner: Dr Andrew Nanapragasam, Dr Peter Hewitt – King’s College Hospital, London School of Radiology

Thoracic Radiology: Sponsored by BSTI

Prize: Free attendance to the virtual 2021 BSTI meeting and publication of resource on the BSTI website



Winner: Dr Nida Mushtaq and Dr Mujahid Abdalla

MSK Radiology: Sponsored by BSSR

Prize: £100



Winner: Winner: Dr Andrew Nanapragasam, Dr Peter Hewitt -King’s College Hospital, London School of Radiology

Head & Neck Radiology: Sponsored by BSHNI

Prize: £50



Winner: Dr Fatima Ahmad ST3 and Dr Cameron Spence ST2, Southampton

BSIR prize

Interventional Radiology: Sponsored by BSIR

Prize: £100



Winner: Dr Bhupinder Hoonjan, ST6 West Midlands

Congratulations also to our winners of the following categories:


Dr Mohamed El-Sayed ST5 West Midlands – Nuclear Medicine

Dr Alan Campbell ST3 and Dr Rachel Hubbard, ST5 North and Central London – Other


  1. UK Radiology trainees of any grade.


  • Opens in August 2020.
  • You must be a member of the SRT.
  • Submissions must be less than 8GB and less than 10 minutes long.
  • The SRT Committee and Subspecialty societies will judge the essays and the decision of the committee is final and binding.
  • The winners (one from each category) will be presented with a certificate and publication of the resource on Some categories also include Subspecialty-society-sponsored prizes.
  • Applications should be submitted via the Google Form below.
  • Images and information used in resources should be referenced.
  • No images with identifiable data should be used.
  • Your resource and name will be published on the SRT website and social media platforms. Your resource may also be published on the website of other subspecialty society platforms.
  • You must confirm that this work is your own, and that images and other information have been referenced correctly and appropriately.
  • The SRT will not take responsibility for the content you produce – you must ensure it is accurate and appropriate and accept responsibility for any errors in your resource.
  • In order to ensure the quality of the content being presented, please nominate a Consultant Radiologist who would be happy to support your work.


  • 5pm September 30th 2020.

Click here to submit your entry