Annual Essay Competition 2022

The competition is now closed. Many congratulations to our 2022 our junior doctor winner Tun Tha and medical student winner  Rohan Sanghera!

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They were able to choose any ONE of the following topics below:
  1. Some consultant radiologists find their productivity increases when working remotely. Should this be the new normal?
  2. Given the recent technological advances in imaging, is the current 5 year training programme for Clinical Radiology sufficient?
  3. How will climate change and the emergence of infectious disease and/or pandemic affect the future of Radiology?

1. UK Medical students
2. UK Radiology trainees
3. UK Junior doctors (any specialty)


Past Winners:

Junior Doctor Essay Competition 2021

Dr Yashwin Sredharan

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Junior Doctor Essay Competition 2020

Joint Winners:

Dr Yakup Kilic

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Dr Indrajeet Mandal

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